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How to Get A Free License of DispCam

Want to get a free license of DispCam? Simply write 1 review or make a video of our product and then put it on your own website, Facebook, Trustpilot, or likewise, you'll qualify for a Free License for one month or even one year. Don’t hesitate! Read the following requirements, write immediately, and get the FREE License now!

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1. About the Review:

  • The review would be more than 300 words.
  • The review should be written by yourself. Copy in any form from our site or other site is unacceptable.
  • At least one link to our product home page or download page should be included.

Below are our acceptable sites for writing a review:

Your own website/blog (search DispCam) (Karma over 500)
  1. These sites are not acceptable:,,,
  2. Be sure your fans or followers are more than 5000 if you try to share your view on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
  3. Be sure your own website/blog can be indexed by Google.

2. About the Video:

  • The video is longer than 90 seconds.
  • At least one link to our product home page or download page should be included in the description.
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube.

  • Never delete the review/video once you got the FREE License!
  • We will not provide you a license in case we find your post to be a blatant forum-spam, or if your blog is just a spam blog or is not active.
  • The license is for personal use only, will be blocked once we find it overused.
  • If your video has more than 1000 views on YouTube or your review has more than 500 words and gets more than 10 likes/shares on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you'll get the chance to win a free license for one year.
  • In general, the FREE License would be valid for one month, if you want to keep using our program, you can write more reviews or purchase DispCam.

Step 1: Try DispCam first, then write down your experience or make a video about DispCam, and share the review on any website that meets the above requirements or upload the video to your YouTube Channel.

Step 2: Send us the link of the review or the video at with the subject "Review for DispCam Free License". We will send you a one-month Free license within 5 business days after verification.