[2023 Updated]How to Download Disney Plus Movies and TV Shows in MP4 Format?

Disney Plus is definitely the first choice for streaming video services, where you can enjoy Disney animated films or a lot of great content from Marvel, Pixar, and more. The good news for mobile users is that they don't have to rely on the internet to watch the content online as Disney Plus allows for downloading on mobile devices. However, if you want to watch Disney Plus content on more devices or some media players, for example, computers, non-smart TVs, or VLC, you have to download the videos in a much more compatible format, such as MP4 format.

This article will explain how to download Disney Plus movies and TV shows in MP4 format. For this matter, we recommend a reliable video downloader called DispCam, to get MP4 files from Disney Plus.

download Disney+ video in mp4 format

What's DispCam?

DispCam - Download Disney+ video quickly with high resolution.A professional tool that can help you download movies and TV shows from Disney+, and enjoy the content offline at any time.

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DispCam is a handy tool to download movies and TV shows from Disney Plus and store them in MP4 or MKV format, making Disney Plus videos compatible with multiple devices. DispCam can not only find your target titles quickly using the video's name or URL but can also download Disney Plus videos at high resolution at a faster speed thanks to its advanced information processing technology. What's more, this powerful video downloader enables you to save audio tracks and subtitles in multiple languages. Plus, its advanced download feature allows you to choose specific audio and subtitles language according to the bitrate and file size.

How to Use DispCam to Download Disney Plus Video in MP4 Format?

To begin with, please install the latest version of the program on your computer. DispCam works on Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7 and macOS 10.15 - macOS 13.

Step 1. Launch DispCam, type in some words in the search bar and hit the "Enter" button on the keyboard. You will be asked to log in to Disney+. Enter your Disney+ account and password, and then choose a profile from the pop-up window.

log in to Disney+

Step 2. Choose the General Output Settings

Click the "Settings" icon on the upper right corner of the program and choose the video format, video quality, the language of audio tracks and subtitles, and more.

choose the output settings

Step 3. Search for Disney Plus Movie or TV Show

Search for Disney Plus content by entering the title's name or copying and pasting the URL from the web player into DispCam.

add Disney+ video

Step 4. Set the Advanced Download Features

If you are trying to download a movie, there is an icon next to the "Download" icon. Click the icon to select the specific video quality, audio tracks, and subtitles.

If you want to download a TV show, there will be a window that pops up after clicking the "Download" icon, and then the "Advanced Download" button will appear at the bottom left of the window.

advanced download settings

Step 5. Download the Selected Video

Finally, click the "Download" button, and the program will start downloading the selected videos one by one. Once the download is done, you can check the download history in the "Library" tab. Click the folder icon behind each video, and you will find the local files saved on your computer. All of them have been downloaded in MP4 format.

find the downloaded files


Downloading Disney Plus videos in MP4 format is useful for watching the videos on more devices or sharing them with others. It's a great solution to saving Disney Plus videos as MP4 files by using DispCam. This program helps you get high-quality movies and TV shows downloaded from Disney Plus with multi-language audio and subtitles kept. If you are interested in it, download the free version and try it by yourself.

Note: The free trial version of DispCam allows you to download the first five minutes of each video. To download the full video, you may need to subscribe to DispCam to unlock the limitation.