watch Disney Plus abroad

How to Watch Disney Plus Abroad?

Disney Plus has been one of the most popular streaming services for providing users with original and great content in a wide catalog. People who have grown up watching Disney channel are desire to get access to the service in their country. But Disney Plus is not available everywhere. It is geo-restricted and only available in a few countries, including the US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and some regions of Europe and Latin America (check the list of the countries where Disney+ is available in). When you travel to a country where the service is available, you are also able to log in to Disney Plus to stream the content that is available in that region. If Disney Plus is not available in that country, you will not be able to watch Disney+ online. In this case, you may need to change your IP address and mask it, pretending that you are in a region where Disney+ is available.

When you are streaming Disney Plus online abroad, you need to care about the data limits, roaming charges, and other travel-related charges. It’s preferred to download Disney Plus videos to your mobile device to watch offline on your trip. No matter which country you are traveling in, you can watch the downloaded Disney Plus content in offline mode. Currently, Disney Plus offers the download option on the mobile app, you can save many movies and shows on your Android or iOS phone and tablet. Here we will show you how to download Disney Plus videos on your mobile device. In addition, if there is no more space on your phone or tablet to save the videos, there is an alternative way to download Disney Plus videos to your computer.

1. Download Disney Plus Video to Mobile Phone or Tablet

Step 1. Firstly, install the Disney+ app on your phone or tablet. Tap the app icon and log into Disney Plus with your account.

Step 2. Head to the movie or TV show that you want to download. Then click the "Download" icon next to the "Play" and Add to list icon.

Step 3. After downloading, click the "Download" icon at the bottom menu of the Disney Plus app, you will see what movies or shows are downloaded on your device. All downloaded videos can be watched offline.

How many videos you can save on your device depends on your device’s storage capability. You may want to download as many videos as possible for your long-distance travel. So next we will present an alternative way to download more videos from Disney Plus.

Tool Requirement - DispCam

DispCam - Download Disney+ video quickly with high resolution.A professional tool that can help you download movies and TV shows from Disney+, and enjoy the content offline at any time.

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To download Disney Plus videos to your computer, a downloading tool is required. DispCam is such a great tool that can help you download a lot of movies and TV shows from Disney Plus. It has the ability to download audio tracks and subtitles in many languages and save subtitles as internal subtitles, external subtitles, or individual subtitles. With this right tool, you are able to download Disney Plus videos in MP4 or MKV format and store them on the computers, USB drive, or burn videos to DVDs. Now we will show you how to use Dispcam to download Disney Plus videos.

2. Download Disney Plus Video with DispCam

Step 1. Install DispCam on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Enter any word into the search box and press the "Enter" button on the keyboard. DispCam will ask you to log in to your Disney Plus account.

log in to Disney+

Step 3. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner of the program, then select video format, video quality, audio and subtitle languages, and more.

choose the output settings

Step 4. Enter the name or URL of the movie or TV show that you want to download into the search bar and hit “Enter”, DispCam will search for the videos related to the information you entered. The search results will be displayed under the search box.

add Disney+ video

Step 5. After finding the desired video, you need to choose the advanced settings. For Movies, click the Advanced Settings icon next to the "Download" icon. From the pop-up window, you can select the specific video quality, audio tracks, and subtitles in different languages. For TV shows, click the "Download" icon and select the title you want to download, then click the "Advanced Download" button at the bottom left of the pop-up window to choose the advanced settings.

advanced download settings

Step 6. Click the Download button to download the selected videos on your computer. Once the videos are downloaded, go to the Library tab. Here you will find what videos you are downloaded. Those downloaded videos will always be stored on your computer.

download Disney+ video


When you are traveling overseas, you can watch Disney Plus downloads anywhere regardless of Disney Plus is available or not. This article introduces how to download Disney Plus from Disney Plus. Since there is limited space on the mobile phone or tablet, we provide a solution to download Disney Plus videos on the computer. Hope that is useful for you.

Note: The free trial version of DispCam allows you to download the first five minutes of each video. To download the full video, you may need to subscribe to DispCam to unlock the limitation.